Japanese Cast-Iron Teapots


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The use of Susakis, or coasters, is recommended to protect fragile surfaces against heat and scratches.

Larger Teapots - Tetsubin

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Cast-iron teapots have a long-standing tradition and are used to store hot water for refilling one’s own green tea teapot. The porousness of the cast iron retains heat longer, so that hot water is always at the ready. Otherwise, a teapot-warmer is also sufficient. One can just as well brew standard Japanese teas or Darjeelings in these masterfully made teapots. The tea stays hot for a long time and does not turn bitter or become bland. ALL POTS ARE ENAMELLED ON THE INSIDE AND ARE EQUIPPED WITH A STAINLESS STEEL SIEVE. "The cast-iron Iwachu teapots that we import from Japan have been tested for food safety by the SGS Group (Société Générale de Surveillance), world market leaders in inspecting, testing and certification services (www.sgs.com). SGS Report 200606000459W confirms that Iwachu teapots meet all the requirements demanded by European legislation, as well as the even more stringent laws of the Netherlands, across the board and are therefore completely safe and harbour no danger to consumers' health." (Paul Geuens Ginza n.v., The Netherlands)

Teapot Warmers

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These tea warmers develop a very good draught. The flame is protected and cannot reach the base of the teapot. Thus the tea can be kept at a temperature of about 60� C.